House Washing

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Top-Notch Home Cleaning Services

Bay Spray Enterprises provides exceptional power washing and cleaning services for your house. We use the safest products to clean your home and are always very careful with the plants and landscaping.

It's nothing new that you should wash and maintain your house regularly. Vinyl sliding manufacturers advise on washing every 3 years because over time your house will definitely gather dirt, rust stains, tent worms, cobwebs and mildew.
House washing

Get Your Home Washed and Cleaned by Professionals

Our 25 long years of cleaning experience has equipped us with the knowledge to carefully use just the right amount of high or low pressure, hot or cold water coupled with the right cleaning agents to make your home look best.

We still prefer the good old cleaning method of scrubbing with the use of hands. You can completely depend on us to get your home cleaned and washed perfectly. Call 231-946-6082 for a FREE estimate.
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