Professional power washing and painting services

High-Quality Power Washing and Painting Services

Superior Power Washing of Roofs, Restaurant Hoods, Houses and Decks

Deck cleaning

Efficient Deck Cleaning

Bay Spray Enterprises and our highly trained professionals specialize in cleaning and restoration of decks. We are equipped with all the tools to restore your damaged deck. Whether it's stripping, staining or cleaning that you need, our professionals will go all the way to make it look new all over again.
Our Deck Cleaning Services
House washing

Reliable House Washing

A home is a onetime investment that needs to be protected from all damages. Real estate experts say - A clean appearance increases the value of a house by a minimum of 5-10%. We can professionally wash, clean and paint your home. Call us today at 231-946-6082 for a FREE estimate.
Our House Washing Services
Roof cleaning

Top-Notch Roof Cleaning

If you want to considerably extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent unnecessary expenditure on repairs, you should clean your roof time and again. Our skilled workers have all it takes to transform your damaged, 
stained and moss-covered 
roof into a completely new shining one.
Professionals Roof Cleaning Services

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